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Fiat 500/Abarth Vento Rear Torsion Bar

Made using the highest quality and superior Chromoly tube to increase rigidity and decrease weight this new rear torsion bar is lighter and stronger than a solid bar of the same size.

Using 1″ (25.4mm) Chromoly tube with 22mm Chromoly solid bar ends, this bar weighs less than 6lbs, that’s more than a third of what some solid bars weigh, but the Vento bar has the rigidity and performance of a bar twice its size and without all the added weight  in the rear.

This Corsa Forza Vento rear torsion bar will greatly increase the handling of your Fiat 500/Abarth, keep you flat in the turns when you need it and is an easy and simple to install with out having to even remove the rear wheels. 

Comes in Rosso Red Powder Coat

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