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Introducing the New Corsa Forza Upper Strut Hats.

A simple and easy to install product that will greatly improve both the ride, handling, and agility of your FIAT 500. 

These new strut hats provide a method in which to firmly secure the upper struts in a fixed mounting position on the FIAT 500.

A position that normally just sits up in the strut tower unattached, unsecured and free to move around. 

This design flaw from the factory allows the front struts to constantly move, rattle, and bang around, while preventing the front suspension from properly performing its job.

By securing the upper struts in an accurate and fixed position, the suspension finally has the ability to work in unison with the unibody of the FIAT 500 chassis, instead of working against it.

The end result provides you with an improved ride, enhanced performance, and greater agility for your FIAT 500.

Like all of our products our attention is always in both the functional design, and the details.

We always like to think things all the way through, so to find the path that provides us with the best end result.

That’s why we Incorporated a sealed roller bearing into our proprietary design.

The inclusion of the sealed bearing prevents the strut shaft from being encumbered, and allows it to continue to move freely as needed. Thus preventing any additional resistance as related to the struts movement when the steering is in use.

The new Corsa Forza upper strut hats are first precision CNC milled using only the highest quality 6061 aluminum alloy. 

They are then anodized to a meticulous and pristine finish. 

Next they are attached with a 9mm wide and 3mm thick laser cut neoprene base so to provide a firm, and silent, mar free footing.

Lastly they are precision laser engraved with the CFP logo. 

Avail able in a Red anodized finish and/or a very limited introduction anodized Blue finish.

Designed to work on all stock struts, aftermarket struts and coilovers. 

As with all our chassis parts our Upper Strut Hats come with a Lifetime Warranty

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