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FIAT 500 Camber Plates - Rear

  • $139.99

These FIAT 500 Camber Plates from Corsa Forza Performance help to Improve the handling of your FIAT.

Lowering your FIAT 500?

Need an extra bit of room for your wider tires?

Want to improve the the handling of your FIAT 500?

These Corsa Forza Performance Rear Negative Camber Plates are a great upgrade!

The FIAT 500 rear camber angle is non-adjustable from the factory, making it difficult when it comes to modifying the suspension. This kit includes two plates that are designed to increase the negative camber of the rear wheels by 3.0°.

This kit allows you to adjust the negative camber of the rear wheels for better wheel fitment and improves wheel/ tire contact to the ground.

The Camber Plates are constructed from very durable high quality steel, and precisely machined to a 3.0° angle. They are easily installed between the wheel hub and the rear suspension swing arm, resulting in the perfect amount of negative camber on your FIAT 500.

Product Details:

  • Made in USA
  • Designed for the FIAT 500
  • Constructed from High Strength Carbon Steel
  • Provides 3.0° of Negative Camber
  • Precisely cut to fit perfectly on the FIAT 500
  • Designed to work on all North American FIAT 500 models
  • Improves handling
  • Set includes 2 Rear Camber Plates

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