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FIAT 500 Upper Strut Mounts - Set of 2 - Red

  • FIAT 500 Upper Strut Mounts - Set of 2 - Red
  • $249.99

Get rid of that "Clunk" Noise and improve the handling of your FIAT 500 with this set of Upgraded Upper Strut Mounts from Corsa Forza Performance.

Our Corsa Forza Performance Upper Strut Mounts are designed to replace the factory plastic mounts that have been known to fail over time. If you are upgrading your suspension or simply wish to get rid of that "Clunk" noise this is a "Must Have" upgrade.

These upper strut mounts provide a method in which to firmly secure the upper struts in a fixed mounting position on the FIAT 500. By securing the upper struts in an accurate and fixed position, the suspension finally has the ability to work in unison with the unibody of the FIAT 500 chassis, instead of working against it. 

The inclusion of a sealed bearing prevents the strut shaft from being encumbered, and allows it to continue to move freely as needed. Thus preventing any additional resistance as related to the struts movement when the steering is in use.

The end result provides you with an improved ride, enhanced performance, and greater agility for your FIAT 500.


  • Designed for the FIAT 500 (all models)
  • Manufactured out of the highest quality 6061 aluminum alloy
  • CNC Milled
  • Stronger than OEM Version
  • Direct replacement Part
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Fully Reversible
  • Comes in a Durable Premium Red Anodized Finish 
  • Will not fit European Version of the FIAT 500
  • Be sure to check our our other complimentary FIAT 500 Suspension Upgrades

For use with OEM style struts only.

Not intended for use at this time with coil over front suspension. 

Please be sure to regularly lube the bearings.

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