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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Carbon Fiber Air Intake & Engine Cover Kit - Corsa Forza Performance

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The Ultimate Air Intake Kit for your Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio by Corsa Forza Performance!

This Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Carbon Fiber Air Intake and Engine Cover Kit is a must-have for any Quadrifoglio enthusiast who is looking to improve their vehicle's performance.

This air intake kit is made out of genuine carbon fiber, which not only looks great but also provides superior performance benefits.
One of the key advantages of this kit is that it has been designed to take advantage of the factory air intake openings in order to provide clean and cool airflow to the filter. Unlike open filters that can suck in hot air from the back of the engine bay, this intake does not lose performance over time as the air inside the engine bay heats up. This means that the colder the incoming air, the more performance the intake can provide, which is crucial for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle's capabilities. At the same time this kit offers you show-stopping looks when you open up your engine bay.

The entire air intake and engine cover are made out of genuine carbon fiber with a high gloss show stopping finish. This not only looks amazing when you open up you bonnet at a car show, but it also provides excellent durability. Additionally, the kit comes with a top-of-the-line, high flow performance Dry Flow Style Air Filter from Sprint Air Filters. This Dry Flow Style filter does not require oiling, just cleaning and reinstalling, making maintenance a breeze. The filter ensures maximum air intake for optimum performance.

This kit utilizes all of the original factory connections, so there are no issues with sensors. This kit will not throw engine lights, making it easy to install and enjoy.

Brought to you by Corsa Forza Performance, a company renowned for its high-quality performance products.


  • Designed for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio
  • Direct replacement parts
  • Fully Reversible
  • Maintains Cool Intake Temps unlike open intakes
  • Designed for optimum performance gains
  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Construction
  • High Gloss Clear Coated Finish
  • No permanent modifications
  • Utilizes all the original factory sensors
  • Will not throw check engine lights like other intakes

Intake Kit Includes:

  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Air Intake Filter Housing
  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Genuine Sprint High Performance Air Filter
  • All needed hardware

Please note!

This intake kit comes with a standard high performance air filter from Sprint. At checkout you will be given the option to upgrade the standard high performance filter from Sprint to the WP - Ultra Fine Waterproof Filter or the ultimate F1 Ultimate Performance Filter if you desire.

The Quadrifoglio Badge on the intake is not included and is shown for illustration purposes only. You will be given an option to add the Carbon Fiber Badge at checkout if you wish. Please contact us directly for custom badge orders.

We use this exact same intake on our highly modified QV with great results!

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